Why Diabetes Supplies & Services?

Why Diabetes Supplies & Services?

Diabetic Supplies = Help control blood sugar

Blood glucose meters and specially designed test strips keep detailed records and can now store weeks-worth of blood sugar test results to simplify your life.

Diabetic Shoes = Protection & improved circulation

Footwear technology has advanced to provide not only protective, but attractive shoes for people with diabetes. Specialized shoes help reduce risks of foot complications caused by poor circulation, high blood sugar, and loss of feeling (neuropathy). Styles vary from formal to casual, athletic to sandal-like, and laced to Velcro.

Medical Nutritional Therapy (MNT) = Registered Dietitians making house calls.

Following a doctor's order, registered dietitians (RDs) work with your schedule, food budget & lifestyle. RDs love food and can help you enjoy eating without triggering health complications. Working together with doctors and nurses, RDs evaluate your needs and create personalized diabetes diet plans.