How can I adequately care for my feet?

Depending on your individual condition, you may have difficulty seeing your feet well and trimming your toenails. Consider asking a loved one to help examine your feet once a day for sores & nail problems. We recommend that people with diabetes do not cut their own toenails, but go regularly to a podiatrist, since they are skilled in foot hygiene and nail care. Diabetic shoes are also a cost effective way to protect your feet and avoid infection at no cost to Medicare Part B holders.

Why Diabetic shoes, when my feet don't hurt?

We only provide important & effective products. The purpose of wearing closed-toed shoes is prevention. Many people don't realize that diabetes increases their risk for foot problems due to issues of poor circulation, high blood sugar levels, & loss of feeling (neuropathy). America's Dietitians provide attractive footwear that combines the style of closed-toed shoes with sandals, using sturdy materials and a firm footpad. By incorporating breathable materials and lots of cut-outs to imitate sandals, this footwear allows for more protective coverage and airflow

Does the pain in my feet have anything to do with high blood glucose?

This is likely, especially if you have battled high blood sugar levels for years and the pain has lasted for months.
Some people find pain in their feet & legs decrease when blood sugars are brought closer to normal. It can even be painful for bed sheets to touch their feet. If you experience this, discuss your pain with your Dr. or Nurse. S/he may suggest placing a hoop over the end of the bed so the sheet is kept off of your feet, providing temporary relief until your blood sugar levels can be lowered