Community Outreach

America's Dietitians is no stranger to giving back to the community above and beyond What We Do. We encourage you to do the same, no matter the size!

Computers for Schools Program

All of America's Dietitians' retired equipment gets refurbished and made available for schools and other not-for-profits.

>Keep up your committment to rescuing usable technology!

Vehicle Donation to help fight Diabetes >

Donated an America's Dietitians "fruit mobile" to help improve the lives of those affected by Diabetes.

> Continue your mission: To improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

Diabetes Workshops at Local Health Fairs >

America's Dietitians volunteers their time to educate and inform the community.

> Continue providing these healthy messages.

Giving Old Cell Phones a New Calling >

America's Dietitians recycle old cell phones to help fund and promote free internet safety resources for kids.

> An additional bonus; helping to keep millions of phones out of landfills.

People For Quality Care >

America's Dietitians provides educational materials to our beneficiaries to make them aware of Freedom of Choice.

> Thank you for supporting our "Fight"

Chicago Children's Advocacy Center >

America's Dietitians' donation of a silent auction item helped fundraising goals of nearly $200,000.

> Battling Abuse. Restoring Lives.