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Splurge Responsibly This Holiday

By admedical posted on 12-20-11

Posted on 12-20-11 in Guest Posts

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By Meredith

My favorite time of year is here! The holiday season. YAY! Time for decorations, holiday music, buying presents, wrapping presents, sparkly lights, dressing up, spending time with friends and family and of course, EATING. Lots of eating. Most people think nothing of it, except how their waistline might expand over the course of a few weeks. While that’s one thing on my mind (but exercise helps keep that in check), the other thing on my mind as I pour over the dessert table deciding what I’m going to inhale next: my blood sugar.

Every year, I say that i’m going to ‘do better’ and not eat as many sweets, smaller portions, etc, but of course that never seems to work out. This year, I have a dexcom! Since I’m wearing a continuous glucose monitor, I’m hoping that I’ll be much more aware of what the treats I’m eating are doing to my numbers. My waistline might also thank me. Although I don’t think that it will prevent the food coma that comes along with the splurge of enjoying all the tasty options in front of me.

Happy holidays to you and yours! Here’s to the new year and good blood sugar; stay fancy!



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Mike Hoskins says:
December 20, 2011

Good luck making that happen with your new Dexcom, Meredith! Happy holidays to you, my friend!

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