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What is a Registered Dietitian?

By admedical posted on 07-24-17

Posted on 07-24-17 in Health Education

A Registered Dietitian is a food and nutrition expert “translating the science of nutrition into practical solutions for health living. The expertise, training and credentials that back a registered dietitian nutritionist are vital for promoting positive lifestyle choices.” –Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

What separates a Registered Dietitian (RD) from a nutritionist is the further education and continuing requirements. These include:

  • Bachelor’s degree with course work approved by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics accreditation council for education in nutrition and dietetics
  • Completed an accredited and supervised practice program at a health ┬ácare facility, community agency, or food service corporation
  • Passed a national exam administered by the American Dietetic Association (ADA)
  • 75 hours required continuing education every 5 years

Many RDs hold advanced degrees and additional certifications in specialized areas of practice, such as diabetes education and management. One of the most valuable services our RDs provide is Medical Nutrition Therapy, otherwise known as MNT.


MNT is a critical service to prevent and improve conditions such as diabetes, which is 100% covered by the Medicare Part B program with an RD as part of a multi-disciplinary approach to diabetes care.

Our RDs act as part of your medical team to provide further assistance, education, and treatment to improve overall health from the comfort of your home. Following the MNT referral documentation provided by your doctor, our RD will:

  • Assess your nutrition and dietary patterns (such as overall quality, carbohydrate intake, consistency of meals etc)
  • Create a custom diet plan with future treatment goals in mind
  • Schedule follow up appointments to check on your progress and update your nutrition goals and treatment plan as needed

Contact America’s Dietitians to refer a patient or find out if you qualify for coverage today!

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