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What is Medical Nutrition Therapy?

By admedical posted on 07-21-17

Posted on 07-21-17 in Health Education

Medical Nutrition Therapy, also known as MNT, is a therapeutic approach to treating medical conditions and their associated symptoms through the use of individually formulated nutritional and lifestyle changes recommended by a Registered Dietitian.

MNT through America’s Dietitians will consist of multiple on-on-one sessions with a Registered Dietitian (RD) in the patient’s home. During these meetings the RD will assess the patient’s nutritional knowledge and habits, devise a custom nutrition and lifestyle plan, and provide counseling to best manage diabetes and meet health goals. The RD will also set up return visits to monitor the patient’s progress and adjust plans as needed to successfully assist with changing behavior over time.

Our society is beginning to make a shift. People are no longer simply “dieting” with the primary goal of weight loss. We have realized that making healthy lifestyle choices not only increases our wellness but is a great strategy for preventing and treating disease. The link between diabetes and diet is well documented, and this new focus on eating right as a lifestyle goes hand in hand with MNT as a progressive tool for diabetes management.

The body of evidence pointing to the effectiveness of MNT in treating and preventing diabetes types 1 and 2 continues to grow. Through regularly scheduled sessions, our patients have seen many clinical results including weight loss, lower A1c levels, management of symptoms as well as the prevention and/or delay of diabetes complications. Furthermore, MNT has some financial benefits- it is 100% covered by Medicare Part B (along with some PPOs) and with proper lifestyle changes patients have seen a reduction in hospital costs and services due to diabetes complications.

It is never too late to take advantage of this valuable resource and to get the tools needed to successfully control and manage diabetes, give us a call today to get started!

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