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Communicating For Diabetes

By admedical posted on 01-11-12

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By Jamie Williams

Over the last few months, I had the pleasure of working as a Communications Assistant for America’s Dietitians (ADM).  It was an eye-opening endeavor and a great opportunity to delve into the world of diabetes.  Communication Strategist Chris Lauer kept me busy with various projects.  My input and ideas truly mattered, which was amazing.  I felt challenged, as well as inspired by what I was able to accomplish.

The bulk of my work concerned content for ADM’s new website, including compiling recipe calendars for upcoming months and connecting with Influential bloggers from the DOC (Diabetes Online Community).

The diabetic recipe calendar was a challenging and fun project, consisting of collecting seasonal recipes for People With Diabetes.  Our main goal: keep it simple and practical for those who may be limited on time.

I thoroughly enjoyed reaching out to Diabetes bloggers and soon came to realize how close this community is.  The DOC is incredibly tight-knit, serving as a forum for people from across the web and across the world to share their insight and stories, as well as their own trials and tribulations.  PWD (People With Diabetes) lean on one another for support and knowledge.  More than medicine, the DOC is a powerful network of individuals experiencing the same thoughts and emotions, intertwining in a support system.

Many people know one another and keep in constant contact through social media outlets like Twitter and their individual sites.  Luckily, I was able to recruit diabetes bloggers Meredith and Ginger as guest contributors for our blog. The idea behind this blog, aptly named BlogAbetic, is to stir up conversation about Healthy eating for PWD. After all, that’s what America’s Dietitians are all about.

I was even given the chance to work remotely and, overall, feel very blessed by the opportunity.  Initially, I knew little About diabetes. My grandmother succumbed to it before I was born, yet I did not understand the impact it had on her. I have learned so much about PWD, the DOC, and the Types of diabetes.

Nuggets of Diabetes Knowledge: 

My desire to continually learn about diabetes does not end by leaving America’s Dietitians.  Rather, I hope to further educate myself and become a regular contributor to BlogAbetic.


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