The Diabetic Plate Method ›

By admedical posted on 08-17-17

The diabetic plate method is a wonderful way to simplify portions and healthy eating when preparing your meals! For best practices, a 9-inch diameter plate is recommended.

With this method you should cover half of your plate with non-starchy vegetables,


Fruits and Vegetables for Life ›

By admedical posted on 09-16-14

Everyone knows they should be eating more fruits and vegetables. But how to fit in the recommended 5 servings a day? Surprisingly, it isn’t as difficult as you might think.  One serving of fruit or vegetables can be easily added in with a bit of planning. So, what’s in a serving?

1 serving of fruit: 1


Color Your Plate, Improve Your Health ›

By admedical posted on 11-21-11

color your plate, diabetes and food, dietetics, eat right, diabeticBy: Christina Vimini, RD

For many, the concept of eating healthfully can seem difficult.  You may be overwhelmed by nutrition information.  Which foods should I choose?  What will work for me?  Will this affect