Reading Nutrition Labels, Simplified ›

By admedical posted on 08-28-17

Making healthy food choices is such an important factor for managing diabetes, but without knowing what to look for this can be quite confusing. Today we are breaking down how to properly read food labels with a focus on


The Diabetic Plate Method ›

By admedical posted on 08-17-17

The diabetic plate method is a wonderful way to simplify portions and healthy eating when preparing your meals! For best practices, a 9-inch diameter plate is recommended.

With this method you should cover half of your plate with non-starchy vegetables,


Fruits and Vegetables for Life ›

By admedical posted on 09-16-14

Everyone knows they should be eating more fruits and vegetables. But how to fit in the recommended 5 servings a day? Surprisingly, it isn’t as difficult as you might think.  One serving of fruit or vegetables can be easily added in with a bit of planning. So, what’s in a serving?

1 serving of fruit: 1


Color Your Plate, Improve Your Health ›

By admedical posted on 11-21-11

color your plate, diabetes and food, dietetics, eat right, diabeticBy: Christina Vimini, RD

For many, the concept of eating healthfully can seem difficult.  You may be overwhelmed by nutrition information.  Which foods should I choose?  What will work for me?  Will this affect