Step Out Walk 2017! ›

By admedical posted on 10-02-17

The 2017 ADA Step Out Walk To Stop Diabetes in Chicago was this past Saturday, and the America’s Dietitians walking team arrived in style and had a blast! The American Diabetes Association‘s mission is “to prevent

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ADA Step Out Walk To Beat Diabetes ›

By admedical posted on 09-29-17

Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes takes place across the country and is the premiere walk event supporting all people living with diabetes. Every 23 seconds someone hears the three words that will change their life as they know

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5 Helpful Apps for People with Diabetes ›

By admedical posted on 09-21-17

There is an app for just about everything today, and that includes health apps with a focus on diabetes management. We’ve compiled a list of 5 apps that cover a variety of aspects relating to diabetes that can help

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Happy International Chocolate Day! ›

By admedical posted on 09-13-17

Everyone loves their fair share of chocolate, am I right? So what better way to celebrate International Chocolate Day (yes, it’s a real thing!) than by sharing one of my favorite chocolate recipes

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The Link Between Diabetes and Sleep ›

By admedical posted on 09-05-17

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, in order to restore mind and body and maintain good health. Yet sleep is one of the first things cast aside in lieu of other activities, making it very hard

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Reading Nutrition Labels, Simplified ›

By admedical posted on 08-28-17

Making healthy food choices is such an important factor for managing diabetes, but without knowing what to look for this can be quite confusing. Today we are breaking down how to properly read food labels with a focus on